Monday, 27 July 2015

ORANJE LOOKS - Divya Mishra

" One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little black dress "- Karl Lagerfeld. 

So here I am to feature most renowned brand in fashion industry ORANJE CLOTHING.  "We bring you mainstream #fashion from around the world to your door step" - THE TAG SAYS.

Well let me introduced Oranje Clothing
To all newbies out there

ORANJE Clothing is an initiative by MACSAM Pvt Ltd. The company that makes quality products for women's. Here you can find attractive and comfortable garments.
Smart, Sexy and Feminine is the best way to describe the 'Girl in You' collection by Oranje Clothing.
Shop for the latest design trend and fashion running world wide with Oranje clothing.
Oranje clothing strives to bring latest trend in fashion to you at affordable prices and quality checked products. 
There E-Commercial Partners are:-


So I was given up this ultra chic short dress by Oranje clothing. For this post I am in collaboration with Oranje clothing the vibrant colours with an authentic print gives a perfect amalgamation of western and contemporary look.The Oranje clothing collection  is predominantly Western-inspired and delves deep into the rich heritage of colour, texture and prints to combine them to create an international appeal.
Oranje bring an exquisite collection of western wear for all womens.
The fabric is very good and it's skin friendly at the same time it won't bother you when once wored and you can walk on in comfort, confidence, and zeal.
The dainty combination of blue and black colour does wonder with the dress and provides you a glam look all together.

So overall I can summon up in brief that Oranje Clothing is undoubtedly the best clothing site to pamper a girls look. And it's playful colours and prints give you various ways to team them up and flaunt them up.

To visit the site click here
And enjoy all dresses from short to long
From jumpsuits till rompers etc at Oranje Clothing.
The short dress worn by me is worth 800/- (available at 10% discount currently )
Which in comparison to quality and affordability is not too much. Oranje gives affordability of price and reliability of quality.
To buy the dress worn by me direct link is click here

I have insanely fallen in love with the quality product and quality service provided by Oranje Clothing.

So girls go get your Oranje outfit and get on the runway to beat the exhausting summer blues in style, fashion and glamour.

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Friday, 3 July 2015

A Complete Guide to Crop Top Etiquette

When Kendall Jenner showed up to church on Easter Sunday wearing white culottes and a criss-cross belly-baring crop top, the universal response was pretty much “is she kidding?”

Twitter started blowing up with people weighing on the model and reality star’s outfit, with one user writing: “I would love to know where Kendall Jenner thinks she’s going to with that crop top because it sure isn’t church.” And another: “Kendall Jenner you have a cute body & all but crop tops are not church appropriate.” And yet another: “Uh uh @kendallJenner you do not go to church dressed like that honey, even if you only do it once a year.”

Jenner isn’t the first person in the public eye to raise a few eyebrows for wearing a crop. “Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Marie wore a bustier crop top to her wedding earlier this year, drawing plenty of mixed reactions. And there have been more than a few controversial crop top moments in pop culture over the years from Britney Spears—who was blasted for setting a bad example for wearing a teeny top when she was 17 years old in her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video—to Nicki Minaj who’s made a habit (and a career) of wearing tops that show off underboob (just writing underboob kind of makes us wish we had come of age in the 1950s.)

Still, there have been of other cues that lead us to believe wearing crop tops is acceptable, basically anywhere. Preppy retailer J.Crew debuted surprisingly stylish wedding crop tops this year, a then-pregnant Kerry Washington wore a beaded Prada crop top to the SAG Awards beautifully in 2014, and all you need to do is take a walk through mass retailers like Macy’s and Banana Republic, and you’ll see crop tops on shelves.While we aren’t ones to judge anyone’s fashion choices too harshly (the general StyleCaster mantra is dress to make yourself happy) Jenner’s church crop top excursion did get us thinking about some general crop top wearing rules to live by in the coming months.
Whether you like it or not, you’re going to make a big statement when you walk out in a crop top, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to wear one. That said, rocking a crop on an evening date, to a concert, to a party, or to an outdoor brunch is perfectly acceptable. Not quite as willing to show as much skin as Kendall? Find styles that are slightly boxy, and pair it with high-waisted jeans, shorts, or skirts.

When is it not okay to break out a crop top? On occasions where you want to be remembered for looking appropriate—to a religious ceremony, a funeral, dinner with your boyfriend’s parents or your boss, or to a job interview. Also, keep in mind that—under no circumstances—should your crop top ever be so cropped that your boobs are exposed. If you’re going short, keep it a few inches above your bellybutton. Period.

While there are certainly no super-concrete rules for crop top wearing—a chic, more conservative style might work in your casual office environment—it pays to remember that you want people to remember you, not just your outfit, so dress accordingly. And, call us old-fashioned, but we don’t think it’s necessary to take a fashion risk every time you step outside.