Saturday, 22 August 2015

Fashion review – oranje clothing a feast for fashionistas!

Fashionistas are just crazy about latest trends and INN styles ! So am I ! As a fashionista I eagerly style and restyle each coming trend by twisting and turning it my way . And for those I rely on some very happenings sites online .
With online shopping stores excelling with such a radical speed nowadays . We fashionistas keep stalking those sites on our mark as to which latest trends are going to grab us a silver rank when it comes to  flaunting .
Such one transcendent site is OranjeClothing . This site prides in consisting a collection of some very top notch apparels that are one of the ace ones from across the globe . Already a crazy fan of their site , I was more than glad when they offered to send me across a sample dress from their awesome collection .
Within two days of dispatching the item , the quickest delivery I received ever , the unique piece was one of my prized possessions.
This cotton short frock with flares and straps was just what a girl could ever ask for .Beautiful geometrical printed  with a  contrasting border in indigo and blue crossing colors it just looked exhilarating.
Exact my fit , yet It consisted of a thin white extra silk straps to tie in case there is a problem with the fitting angles
The shoulder straps also included and adjustable buckle for resetting the fit I want it on my shoulders .
These elastic back stitches did promise a perfect close fit that hugs your body so very well . And last ,but not the least , the inner slip material also was of pure cotton that meant comfort at it’s best with stylish essence sprinkled on it
. Style it with a white or blue high heels and a simple clutch , a cool thin bracelet or a belted watch and you are ready to make others drool
The site displays it’s price as 959 /- INR only and believe me , with the comfort it offers apart from the distinct stylish look , it’s just a fab grab !
OranjeClothing prides in many more such amazing dressing patterns with variant styles and distinct colors too which are equally alluring and appealing .
You can chose from a wide collection of tops , tees , dresses and so on that’s just the answer to your unique stylish cravings . So go and check out the site for some trendy delicacy offered with glamorous touch all for you !!
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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Amazing Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair

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It’s summer girls and though long hair is always fashionable, it may not be the best idea to keep it open throughout the hot and humid days, or tie it up in a plain boring bun. So here are a few easy and interesting hairstyles to help you style your long hair, while keeping them open or tied up.

1. Beach Waves:

Comb hair to remove all the tangles
Part hair in the middle
Separate hair into thin strands
Using a curling rod, create loose waves that come all the way to the tips
Curl the tips Use an anti-frizz spray to keep any frizz under controlThis is the most popular of hairstyles for long hair girls!

2. Full Front Bangs:

Straighten hair using a styling iron
Part hair in the middle
The front section needs to be cut such that the full bangs are touching the eyebrows
For the rest of the hair, chop off at the bottom in random small cuts
Keep the general length of the hair at a same levelThis is a must try of all the choices of the hairstyles for girls long hair.

3. Layered Hair:

Don't we just love this hairstyle for long hair for girls? Layered hairstyles for long hair is the way to go these days.

Part hair in the middle
Part hair in front on both ends and cut the side bangs till chin length or right below the ear
Take the next section of your hair on both ends and cut till shoulder length or a little below
Keep parting on both ends and bring down layer by layer
Comb out and use a leave-on serum to keep hair manageable

4. Knotted Ponytail:

This is a very popular addition to the latest hairstyles for girls with long hair.

Comb out hair to remove all tangles
Use a styling rod to straighten
Part in the side
Pull back hair from the top and bring back tightly, wrapping into a neat knot
From behind the ear, take hair from both sides and bring back tightly
Using the open hair from the previous knot, mix together and tie in another knot
Take all remaining hair and pulling back tightly, mix it with the remaining hair from the second knot
Tie this in a knot and let the lower part of the ponytail be open.