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How to dress for your body type

Dressing for your body type

The first thing to remember when you are there standing in front of a mirror looking at your body trying to decide what body type you fall under is this:Nobody has a perfect body . That's right, NOBODY. I have never met a person who did not have something about their body that they didn't like. The trick of looking good in your clothes is as simple as finding out what body type you are and dressing accordingly.

I will be writing about a few different body types along with some very specific tips to help you achieve that finished polished look you want. You know what I mean. The look that makes people think to themselves, "Boy, she sure is looking good. With most of us it only requires a few wardrobe adjustments. The body types I will be covering are:

  • Lollipop/Goblet Shape
  • Pear Shape
  • Diamond Shape
  • Straight Shape
  • Hourglass Shape
  • Round Shape
  • Inverted Triangle Shape

Body Type Descriptions

Lollipop/Goblet Shape
A lollipop of goblet shape is typically known as a top heavy type. A person with a top heavy shape has large breasts, big stomach, is short waisted with long skinny legs.
Pear Shape
A pear shape body type typically has a long slender neck , small narrow shoulders, a small bust a nice shapely waist with hips that widen to saddlebags, a larger rear end and full thighs. The waistline of this body type is small and feminine, it should be accentuated.
Diamond Shape
A diamond shape body type has narrow shoulders, small bust line, broad hips and larger thighs. This body type is lucky in that they get to wear the new style tops that accentuate their face and shoulders.
Straight Shape
The straight shape body type is just what it sounds like. The bustline and hips are equal in size. You have an average size bust, a large rib cage, a waist that is undefined, a flat bottom and nice slender legs. The slender legs of a straight body type are their best asset.
Hourglass Shape
Some people say this body type is as close to perfect as you can get. The person with this body type typically has a small bone structure. They have a nice sized bust, a defined waist, nicely curved hips, shapley and a slightly protruding backside. This body type has great curves that scream to be shown off.
Round Shape
A person with a round shape has a larger bust, wide rib cage, a round fuller back, larger middle or waist, narrower hips and slender legs. The good news is the round body type usually has great legs and narrow hips that can be shown off to their advantage.
Inverted Triangle Shape
This body type typically has broad shoulders, an average size bustline, an average size waist, narrow hips and nice shapely long legs. This body type can show off hip huggers to their advantage.

The best styles for your body shape

Lollipop/Goblet Shape
  • tops with ruffles
  • spaghetti straps
  • high neck lines
  • anything high waisted
  • boxy blazers
Do wear:
  • wide V-neck styles
  • gathers under the breast to direct eyes to waist
  • skirts fitted at top with flaring hemline
  • bell bottom or flared pants
  • a medium to high heel shoe
  • single breasted fitted blazer
Pear Shape
  • tapered pants or super-slim jeans
  • clingy skirts or pencil skirts
  • side pockets on pants
  • pleated anything
  • ankle straps on shoes
Do wear:
  • pants with flowing, not clingy fabric
  • straight skirts tapered towards the hemline
  • semi-fitted and tailored tops
  • shoulder pads
  • blouses and tops that are cut shorter or longer(below hip line)
  • cowl or square necklines
Diamond Shape
  • pants that are bottom heavy or have cuffs or designs at bottom
  • clingy skirts or pants
  • straight button dress that hugs the hips
  • empire waist dresses or tops
  • pleats
Do wear:
  • pants that are tapered towards the hemline
  • jackets that flow loosly around the hips
  • tops that are fitted but also flare out over hips
  • tops with pockets
  • boatneck collars
  • puffed sleeves
Straight Shape
  • large patterned fabric
  • the braless look
  • string bikini
  • belts that draw attention to your waist
  • anything gathered or pleated at the waistline
Do wear:
  • straight tailored skirts
  • sheath or shirtdress type
  • skirts with a dropped waist
  • v-necklines
  • wear a longer jacket with a shorter skirt
  • semifitted jeans or pants with a longer tunic top
Hourglass Shape
  • oversized or baggy styles
  • clothing that is too fitted or tight
  • lucky girl, most anything is wearable by this body shape
Do wear:
  • wrap tops, belts, tops that tie at the waist
  • clothing that is semi-fitted
  • lucky girl you have a dream figure, show off the curves
Round Shape
  • fitted tops that draw attention to your waistline
  • straight oversized tent dresses
  • wide belts
  • bulky or gathered skirts
  • pleats
  • wide lapels and collars
Do wear:
  • v-neck necklines
  • narrow lapels and collars
  • longer tunics
  • fitted skirst, such as a pencil skirt jackets with a single button
  • tailored wide-cut pants
  • empire waist styles
Inverted Triangle
  • high necklines
  • shoulder pads
  • high waisted tops or dresses
  • spaghetti straps
  • halter tops
Do wear:
  • hip-hugging jeans
  • raglan or dolman sleeves
  • flared skirts
  • wider leg pants
  • patch pockets on tops
  • belt hanging lower on the hips

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