Thursday, 14 April 2016

Blogger Of The Month - Monali Mehta

Camouflage #BloggerOfTheMonthSeries

The charm of this month is enough to allure any fashion enthusiast into its entwined web, enough to announce me as Blogger of the Month for Oranje Clothing. It's always amazing when your work is appreciated enough to lead to the next level, and it gets all the more better when it's coming from a brand symbolizing the power of femininity.

I have an unbounded love for all things summer(as I have mentioned many times before); and florals form an indispensable part of it. When it comes to warmer days, most of us resort to the unfailing floral print and there is absolutely no going wrong with them. That being one of the major reasons that made me choose this particular outfit for the series. 

With this look in mind, I wanted to bring out the feminine and delicate element of the dress. I love intricate details and the lace section was my undoing. However, the most striking aspect of the outfit has to be the floral design, which was further enhanced when camouflaged with the background. It's great for those brunch dates out when you want to look your girly best and still retain that bit of crisp dressing. 

This being just the start of the series, there's a lot more in store for the month. 
Let me know how you liked this look and what's your idea for a girls day out look?
Until next time!

- Monali Mehta

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